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Abel home fragrance scene 01

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Abel home fragrance scene 01
Green tea, yuzu, verbena
100 ML

An energizing scent ritual with vibrant notes of green tea, yuzu and verbena.
Scene 01 brings to life minimalist bright open spaces, Japanese inspired decor and a restrained, natural palette.

- 100% Natural
- Recyclable
- Ethically sourced
- Low-carbon shipping
- Vegan

key notes / green tea, yuzu, grapefruit, violet leaf, vetiver

full ingredients list:

hexenol cis-3 nat. 10% tecn, bergamot oil bergapten free, linalyl acetate coeur (drum), lemon oil ital., citral nat. 10% tecn, grapefruit oil white, wheat bran abs. 10% tecn, cabreuva oil, linalool coeur (drum), phenyl ethyl alcohol nat. 10% tecn, citronellol aj (drum), geranyl acetate nat. 10% tecn, damascenone beta nat. 1% tecn, jasmin abs. sambac 10% tecn, violet leaves abs. egypt 1% tecn, ionone beta nat., hay abs., cedarwood oil, vetiver oil madag., amyris oil, ambroxide, ambrettolide hc supreme, triethyl citrate natural