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Abel home fragrance scene 03

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Abel home fragrance scene 03
Leather, tonka, vanilla 
100 ML

The height of quiet luxury. Scene 03 transports you into a world of plush refinement.
Notes of leather, tonka and vanilla create the ultimate indulgence.

- 100% Natural
- Recyclable
- Ethically sourced
- Low-carbon shipping
- Vegan

key notes / leather, tonka, vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood

full ingredients list:

vanilla extract bourbon 10x, vanillin renewable, tolu balsam blend (105906) 50 % tecn, coumarin natural (c:a1914n), cedarwood oil chin., patchouli oil decol. md, gurjun balsam oil, amyris oil, sandalwood drèches, styrax oil pyrogene 10% tecn, cade oil rect. 1% tecn, olibanum oil pyrogenee 1% tecn, cistus labdanum abs. sis, triethyl citrate natural